Could you imagine working fewer hours, yet out-performing everyone else, while keeping stress levels set to normal? 

Being able to tap into and unravel the greatness you know you have inside.

Knowing how to reverse burnout and anxiety and how to avoid them in the future.

This is exactly what the Exceptional 10% of high performers do.

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Over a decade of independent research has shown the Exceptional 10% of High Performers work to a particular pattern, and use their down time in a very specific way which makes them more productive (to the tune of 400%), more creative, less stressed and happier than everyone else.

We have replicated this pattern in our course B.R.A.I.N. R.E.S.T™ which teaches every habit and mindset technique of the Exceptional 10%.

High performance secrets
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Over 100 Independent Studies Prove this Method Works

Over 100 independent studies, including a recent study by Harvard, have shown that the techniques we teach in The BRAIN REST™ Reset reduce stress and anxiety to normal levels in one week.
It has been Adopted by
the US Army

It’s quick and easy to learn and it’s worked even under the most extreme situations. (It's been adopted by the US military).
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Best of all this course is easy as listening to a podcast. There's no exam or homework involved, all you have to do is listen and enjoy.